GovLead Business Development Dashboard

Opportunities Schedule

Easily see in a calendar view your monthly pipeline schedule, from here management can easily see what's coming up and how to plan the proper resources for the opportunities to be worked.

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New Opportunities

New opportunities are forwarded to your New Opportunities Interest bucket multiple times a day. As opportunities are identified that meet your company filter criteria they will be automatically inserted for you to check them out.

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Capture Manager Status

Easily see the opportunities your capture managers are working on and how far along they are in their taskings.

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Opportunity Reporting

Bid\No Bid decisions are collaborative and easy to decipher. Easily recognize additional bandwidth of more opportunities within the same staffing levels. Work opportunities that your company can win and increase your pipeline with those opportunities over time.

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Everything about each opportunity is reportable through the GovLead™ Dashboard as well as through specialized reports that we will rapidly generate for you for a nominal fee.

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