What is GovLead?

GovLead automates the retrieving of opportunities that match your company profile and provides a series of automated structured pipelines for your opportunities as they are being worked. We also provide structure for the capture process making it possible to organize and streamline each opportunity.

  • Set a wide array of options in your company opportunity filter
  • Receive new opportunities multiple times a day depending on your filter options
  • Easily discard or start to work opportunities
  • Easily assign an opportunity owner
  • Easily work each opportunity through the pre-loaded tasks per pipeline module
  • All opportunities are easily tracked through dashboard and custom reporting
  • Resources can now easily be assigned per pipeline workload

GovLead is your single solution for business development automation and organization

Have current or historical opportunity capture data? We'll upload your CRM or spreadsheet data for free. We'll help you easily upgrade and start working right away!

GovLead Solves Efficiency Problems

GovLead™ solves the three biggest efficiency problems facing your government contracting company.

  • Wasted time searching for new opportunities
  • Lost opportunities & lost revenue due to unorganized capture
  • Missed opportunities & missed revenue due to resource allocation

GovLead™ will revolutionize your government contracting company by shaping your business development department into a lean, efficient and effective machine by automating, organizing, streamlining and standardizing your entire business development process.

GovLead™ is your Business Development Solution.